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Houston on the Move Gala Video

Posted on 11 April 2014 by HAHMP

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Meet Mariné Hernández

Posted on 10 August 2011 by HAHMP

Mariné Hernández–  Host

Marine[1]-pic (1)Mariné Hernández is and has been the host of Houston on the Move since it started.  She is a former News Reporter and Anchor.  For almost a decade, she served the Spanish Speaking Communities of Sacramento, Dallas and Houston working for Univision, she is an Emmy award winning journalist.  Marine’s former roles include Entertainment Reporter, Community Affairs show host, Weather Anchor, News Reporter and News Anchor.  On her own time, she has also done radio and television commercials as well as consulting.  She continues to pursue those interests as a freelancer now as a stay at home Mom.  Hernández helps clients in the Public, Media and Marketing Relations efforts as well as serves as media consultant and trainer when needed. During her career she was an active advocate of Higher Education among Hispanic kids, participating in multiple events to promote it and continues to do so in her own time.  Currently her efforts continue serving as host of Houston on the Move a show produced by the Houston Association of Hispanic Media Professionals, organization she has been a member of since her college years. 

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Meet the Cast and Crew

Posted on 20 January 2011 by HAHMP

“Houston on the Move” is a labor of love of the members of Houston Association of Hispanic Media Professionals and our student members. Below are photos to introduce you to some of them. We will be posting more detailed information and additional photos later.

To view more photos, visit our Facebook page or follow the “photos” tag on this Web site.

DSCN3458-post Houston on the Move 008-post

DSCN3402-post DSCN3404-post

DSCN3406-post DSCN3408-post

DSCN3415-post DSCN3430-post

DSCN3431-post DSCN3434-post

DSCN3442-post DSCN3445-post

Houston on the Move 002-post Houston on the Move 005-post

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Behind the Scenes Photos

Posted on 07 January 2011 by HAHMP

Some advance photos of episodes 4 and 5. To view more photos, visit our Facebook page or follow the “photos” tag on this Web site.

showseg11-post showseg23-post

showseg38-post showseg35-post

showseg17-post showseg44-post

showseg50-post showseg59-post

showseg61-post showseg68-post

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Photo from Episode 1

Posted on 01 December 2010 by HAHMP

Pictured below are host, Mariné Hernández, and show guests, JoAnn Zuñiga and Fernando Dovalina, in the first episode of “Houston on the Move.” To view more photos, visit our Facebook page or follow the “photos” tag on this Web site.


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